The Recruitment App without the fees

We match top candidates to your business that are verified based on education, track record and employment history. Hire Faster and more cost effectively with Mula

What is Mula?

Talent Match
Startups and Small businesses often struggle to find the best people in a competitive market place. Our algorithm matches you with the best talent from internship to executive level

Recruitment without the fees
Recruitment company fees are between 20-30% of the candidate’s salary and often results in wrong candidate placement. Mula is free to download and only charges a 5% placement fee once the candidate is hired

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More than a Jobsite

Simply download the app, tell us what you are looking for and choose from a verified shortlist. Send out automatic interview invitations to your shortlist and start hiring.

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Our technology

AI hiring Assistant

The AI assistant scans through thousands of relevant CV’s to identify the best fit for your business.

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Mula Exchange

Using Blockchain technology to verify track records

Jobsites produce CV’s that often contain false candidate information. Verifying candidate information costs time and money. We use blockchain technology to verify and store information on track record, experience and education making sure you hire the right people.

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Business Benefits

Free to use

Our Application is free to download and use, we also do not charge any extra fees to verify candidate information. We only charge a simple 4% fee once you have selected and hired your ideal candidate.

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Re-Fungible Tokens

We pay your candidate hiring Bonus

We help your business attract the best people by paying a hiring bonus to every candidate. Each successful candidate receives a 5% hiring bonus payed in Mula which can be cashed out at any time.

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Head of Partnerships

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Lead Ethereum Developer

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